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26 February NEWCASTLE

12pm - 7pm

Perhaps Europe’s most popular sex party, this is an event mainly found in Berlin & Amsterdam & is eagerly anticipated & well attended. 


Now the WCM are bringing it to NEWCASTLE exclusively for WCM members. 


Like all Horsefairs, this party has strict rules and three distinct role play choices. 


Stallions - Guys that like to Top

Stallions can wear whatever masculine, fetishwear / gear they choose. The hornier the better! 

They get the opportunity to mate with any Mares they choose and use them for their pleasure. 



Mares - Guys that like to bottom

Mares will be stripped naked except for trainers / boots and hooded. A vest and jock are allowed to enhance your attributes. 

Mares will not see which Stallions mate them. 

Mares will be anonymously fucked by any Stallions that choose to.


Stable Lads - Responsible for ensuring the safety of the Mares and managing the mating stables

Stable lads must wear sports shorts and a t shirt or vest. 


Before attending every member must decide if they wish to be a Stallion, a Mare or a Stable Lad. 


If you aren’t brave enough for role play then join us at 3pm for our 150 guy orgy and come and cruise the many playrooms, bar and dungeon! 


You purchase the correct ticket online & then cannot switch roles. 


On the day of the Horsefair:

On the day of the party, Mares and Stable Lads arrive early in their allocated time slot & before the Stallions. 


On arrival the Mares are given Green wristbands to signify they are there to bottom. 

Mares are taken to the changing area to be stripped and hooded before being taken to their stables. 


Stable Lads will be fully briefed and given a tour of the club. 

They are given PINK wristbands and will be allocated a number of Mares to look after and allocated specific mating stables. 

Their role is to oversee the safety of the Mares, manage the mating stables and prepare the Mares for mating. 

Stable Lads will get the opportunity to play later at the Gallop. 


A lot of inexperienced or nervous lads like to try their first Horsefair as a Stable Lad then next time choose a Mare or Stallion role. 


At the prescribed time, Stallions must arrive and change into their own fetish / fuck gear. They are allocated Red wristbands to signify they are there to Top. They are then free to have a drink in the bar while they wait for the Mares to be prepared. The Mares are taken to their allocated  Mating Stable. The Stallions are hooded & led to the stables. The Mares are given time to turn on the Stallions with mouths, hands, fingers etc. Once the bell rings, Mares are re-hooded, Stallions released from their hoods & the mating begins. 


The Mating Stables:

Once the mares are ready, Stallions are free to roam the Mating Stables and mate with any Mares they choose.  It is the Stable Lads duty to ensure the safety of the Mares & ensure condoms & lube are used at all times. Mares are expected to submit and be mated by multiple Stallions. An allocated safe word can be used in an emergency. 


All guys can use the bathrooms / showers and take a break as needed. 


Afternoon Orgy:

At 3pm we take a break. Open the doors for our afternoon orgy ticket holders to join us, serve some food and have a drink and get the party atmosphere started with some festive music and dance tunes.

You may also get the opportunity to sit on Santa's Lap!


At 4pm we have a guest star (TBA) on stage to fire you boys up for round 2 & then the party starts again with a 4 hour cruise orgy! 


This is a free for all where everyone is free to roam the venue and hook up with whoever they choose.  With over 100 sexy men, there's something for everyone!

A variety of play zones and equipment is available for both one on one and group play and the bar will stay open throughout as a central meeting hub. 


To join this party, need to be a member - It’s free to join!

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