Monkeypox Update

Monkeypox cases are on the rise, mostly amongst gay and bisexual men, or men who have sex with men, (MSM).

Vaccines are becoming more widely available now and our members are encouraged to contact their local health clinic to enquire if they are eligible. It's the responsible thing to do if you have multiple sexual partners and visiting your local clinic should form part of your normal sexual health regime.

Terrence Higgins Trust are an excellent source of information relating to all aspects of sexual health and they have a really useful page full of jargon-free information and advice on Monkeypox: THT Monkeypox 

Safer Sex

No sex is risk free but there are some simple steps you can take to minimise those risks.

Our existence is to offer a place where bareback sex and drug taking are not allowed, we offer a unique alternative to the ChemSex and BB scenes. We insist all members wear condoms for anal sex to reduce the chances of STI transmission but testing & personal responsibility lies with everyone. We actively promote regular testing & work with local sexual health groups who supply us with condoms. We do not challenge members about their sexual health and expect people to be responsible about their health.

We monitor activity at our events and anyone found having bareback sex will be asked to leave and will be removed as a member. Additionally, all members confirm when they sign up that they will report any such activity, this includes at events or posts which promote or encourage BB sex in the chat groups. Any member found to be 'liking' such posts will be removed - this robust policy is there to protect our members.

Support & Resources


The safety of our members is paramount - in the interests of being responsible and in line with Government guidance we ask that all guests follow sensible protocols and precautions when attending our events.

From Friday 18th March the UK Government is removing all restrictions, however, sensible precautions are still very much advised and venues still have the right to implement their own policy. If one of our venues insist on certain precautions we will make this clear on the event ticket.

Lateral Flow Tests

We have moved away from asking for proof of vaccination before entering a venue, however, regardless of your vaccination status, we would encourage you to take a lateral flow test before attending an event.


Masks are entirely optional of course, we will not be requiring members to wear them but you are welcome to do so if you wish. We want everyone to enjoy our events safely and encourage everyone to play responsibly. We also have to ensure we align with our host venues policy.

If you have to cancel due to a positive covid test, then please get in touch with us.